Vladimir Film Festival

Verde Alpi

Barbariga / Fort Forno / 23 / 9 / 2022 / Film

There is a new European skate magazine around, ori­gin­at­ing from Italy and it’s called Fotta; we’re talk­ing a bi-monthly pub­lic­a­tion ran by Fed­erico Case­lla, Alberto Della Beffa and more act­iv­ists, every issue of which coin­cides with a tour itself accom­pan­ied by an art­icle and video release. Verde Alpi is their third and new­est audi­ovisu­al offer­ing, shot between August and Septem­ber, 2022 along the Itali­an bor­ders, driv­ing through the Alps chas­ing D.I.Y’s and the people who had built them. The crew spent two weeks explor­ing everything there was to skate from Brix­legg to Saint-Jean De La Mauri­enne, from the clean­est skater-made parks in Europe to the crusty street spots you would or should expect from the more rur­al and moun­tain­ous areas. The video was shot and edited by Alberto Della Beffa and the music is by Juli­en Papen. Pho­to­graphy by Fed­erico Casella.