Vladimir Film Festival

Titim Isteach

Brijuni / Tito's cinema / 24 / 09 / 2023 / Film

Titim isteach trans­lates from Irish to ‘drop­ping in’. The film shows the story of a young group of chil­dren on a Gael­ic speak­ing island off the coast of Ire­land with only three hun­dred oth­er res­id­ents who began skate­board­ing in one of the most scen­ic, yet isol­ated parts of Europe.

A grass­roots pro­ject, fun­draised and built by a group of skate­boarders, Titim Isteach shows how skate­board­ing has the abil­ity to inspire and con­nect com­munit­ies in even the most remote places, while empower­ing the young people who took a step towards chan­ging their home for the bet­ter, all to a back­drop of the Atlantic Ocean and moun­tain­ous peaks of Galway. 

Philip Halton is the founder of Gob­lin Skate­board Magazine. With a back­ground in con­struc­tion, he uses his know­ledge from both build­ing and skate­board­ing to con­nect com­munit­ies and push for grass­roots, D.I.Y. pro­jects across Ire­land. Since 2018, Gob­lin has con­sist­ently pro­duced prin­ted magazines and events that have helped bring Ireland’s skate scene togeth­er and cre­ate a net­work from all parts of the coun­try, as well as show­case the tal­ent and skill that often goes unseen in Ireland.