Vladimir Film Festival

The Ulti­mate Pess­ert­ive Remix

Fažana / Hotel Brioni / 26 / 9 / 2019 / Film

Javi­er Varil­las was born in Sala­manca (Spain) where he star­ted skate­board­ing in 2001. It was in 2007 when Varil­las sparked an interest in doc­u­ment­ing the life and travels of skate­boarders, this is when his jour­ney as an ama­teur skate­board video­graph­er began. In 2011, his first inde­pend­ent skate video Harder Than It Seems was released, where Varil­las showed the incip­i­ent state of his audi­ovisu­al style. His second full-length, Každýden, came in 2016. This video doc­u­mented the skate­board­ing and life of the emer­ging (and genu­ine) Pilsen’s Pess­ert­ive Crew from 2014 to 2016. Dur­ing the last two years of his stay in Pilsen (2017 – 2018), Javi­er Varil­las filmed (with the help of Michal Majer) and con­cep­tu­al­ized his new inde­pend­ent skate­board video, The Ulti­mate Pess­ert­ive Remix. The video cap­tures skat­ing by Mar­tin Meliš, Filip Sauer, Javi­er Varil­las, Pavel Hiršl, Michal Majer, Lumír Benda, and Jak­ub Karlík, and is shot by Javi­er Varil­las and Michal Majer with a Panason­ic SDR camcorder.

The 20-minute skate video col­lects the day-and-night high­lights of the Pilsen’s Pess­ert­ive Crew and their sup­port­ing squad (Pess­ert­iv­ity). The con­cep­tu­al con­tent is sep­ar­ated into 6 remixed, inter­con­nec­ted sec­tions that metic­u­lously inter­twine con­tem­por­ary bits with the rough sound and move­ment of street and DIY skat­ing, where cre­ativ­ity and spon­taneity are the fun­da­ment­al audi­ovisu­al and skate­board­ing the iden­tity of the entire film.

The Ulti­mate Pess­ert­ive Remix dis­plays a fresh por­trait of not only the Pilsen skate scene but also of the cur­rently healthy state of inde­pend­ent Czech (and European) skateboarding.

Check it out on Thursday 26th at the Bri­oni Hotel in Fažana start­ing from 8pm.