Vladimir Film Festival

Teška Voda by Gor­an Berić

Fažana / Main square / 21 / 09 / 2023 / Film

The joke phrase ‘teška voda’ or ‘heavy water’ stems from the older gen­er­a­tion all the way back in 2003 when Skate­board Klub Evolu­cija was foun­ded in Šibenik. The legendary Grozni sug­ges­ted the club’s name should be “Teška Voda” because it is an integ­ral part of the nuc­le­ar bomb. Although the idea was not accep­ted for the name of the club, it remained a clas­sic among the loc­als for a long time.

The first Armaged­don video from Šibenik was released in 2001, back when Ante Deković was film­ing ses­sions near Krešimir’s home in the sum­mer of 1999. Thir­teen years later (2014), he star­ted record­ing this new video that was sup­posed to be loc­al but soon spread to the wider Croa­tian scene. The record­ing unfor­tu­nately ended at the end of 2020, with the final fail­ure of our dear Sony VX-2100.

My wish and that of every­one who was present in the video was for the clips from the tapes that had been lost to be cap­tured again, and the mater­i­al to finally see the light of day. 

Now, Teška Voda fea­tures Mario Kopecki, Ant­o­nio Peković, Val Miloš, Zoe Miloš, Tonko Gulin, Mis­lav Matić, Marko Smernić, Dino Šertović, Filip Tenšek, Zvon­imir Kulušić, Nino Fanuko, Andrej Mikulić, Luka Hornyan­zky, Dav­id Ujević, Nikola Andrić, Ivica Krnić, Denis Silov, Gor­an Ber­ić, Filip Živković, Dino Olujić and more.