Vladimir Film Festival

Taufek Asmarak

Fažana / Stara Fažana / 22 / 9 / 2017 / Photo

Taufek Asmarak, the founder of inde­pend­ent magazine Waxfeath­er, is bring­ing us Quit KL, a skate video from Kuala Lum­pur by Tep York. At Vladi­mir Film Fest­iv­al, Taufek is show­ing a photo exhib­i­tion doc­u­ment­ing under­ground skate scene from Malay­sia (Singa­pore) and Indone­sia, made dur­ing the film­ing of the Quit KL video.

The exhib­i­tion and the screen­ing are set for Fri­day, 22nd Septem­ber at Caffe bar Stara Fažana from 19:00.