Expedition to I-ran by Original Copy

Original Copy is an ongoing experimental skateboard project by Zlatko Đogić (audio) and Tomaž Šantl (video). Each film stands by itself and includes various guests. Expedition to I-ran was initiated by Aleš Mačkovšek.

Can we adapt to the form of a present world to a slow and subjectivity of a skateboard? Can we confront skateboarder and architecture? Can we link reportage and musical? Is this possible? That is why the rock is whistling and the puppets and politicians are singing. It is a melancholic, passing by reality…

The screening will take place at the cinema Kino Valli in Pula on Saturday 29th.

Amazing race

Photo by Paul&Kleme

Brijuni screening documentary Amazing race (Original title: Suuren Urheilujuhlan Tuntua) by Juice Huhtala, a film-maker/cinematographer based in Helsinki, Finland. Sunday 30th at 20:00 h. The boat ride from main Fažana pier at 18:00 h. Reserve your tickets.

It`s not a competition, it`s a race!


On Sunday 30th at the Brijuni island, we are screening the video by Kuba Kaczmarczyk and Paweł Piotr Przybył titled This is not the new Grey Area Video: Neverwhere. All we got from him about the video is this:

The video is an independent project from Poland.

Thank you, Kuba, for this immersive description of the video. People that you can see skating here are Michal Juras, Krzysztof Poskrobko, Tomek Ziolkowski, Danny Fuenzalida, Many Massens, and Danijel Stankovic.

Island by Jim Craven

Jim Craven, a young author from Manchester, is here with us again after last year’s preview of what we today know as the Land video. With great pleasure we are watching his next installment named Island at National park Brijuni on Sunday 24th of September.

‘Island’ is an expansion on a project we embarked on last year, ‘Land’. This summer we have travelled the length of the UK, camping in the wild and skating unique and rural spots along the way. It stars Tom Day and Zach Riley, alongside friends we met along the way.

Jim Craven

Photo: Henry Kingsford

O3EPO project

Photo by Alexey Lapin

Skaters from famous Russian skate brand Absurd Skateboards and skaters from Carhartt WIP got together on this unusual project, a trip from Moscow to Baikal lake in Siberia. They went together through five time zones, crossing more than 6000 km, which took them over three weeks.

The project is called O3EPO, which means lake in Russian, (or “jezero” in Croatian) and after the premieres at Bright in Berlin and Faces and Laces in Moscow, it comes to VFF2017 in Fažana, accompanied with a limited number of free zines, featuring the photographs from Alexey Lapin and Felipe Bartolomé. Come and grab yours!

The video will be shown on Friday, September 22nd in the Fažana old square.

Canasta by Francisco Saco

Canasta is a celebration of a scene that has been brewing for quite a while now, culminating in a mixed bag of expectations and maneuvers, of tackling an urban tropical landscape in all its splendor and ruggedness. It is as a complete overview of a crescent scene, and as such, will be the final work in a triptych of wrecks.

It features a cast of locals: Miguel Castro, Kervin Miranda, Kevin Mejia, Roberto Chaves, Yiyo Obando, Trona, Kako Vega, Bryan Gutierrez along with some visitors: Remy Taveira, Nich Kunz, Manu Etchegoyen.

Canasta is my last wreck. It focuses completely on the scene in Costa Rica, from both a national and foreign perspective under close observation.

Francisco Saco


Devoted is a documentary by Lucas Beaufort about print media and social networking in today’s skateboarding culture today. In 2016 he traveled across Europe, the United States, Japan, and Australia to discuss with the most influential skate media, as well as legendary photographers and athletes who contributed to what skateboarding is today. The documentary is a tribute to people who spent their lives documenting skateboarding.

Devoted is going to be screened at the 2017 Vladimir on Saturday, 23rd September at the Valli cinema in Pula.

“In our digital age, what is the future of the print media in the skateboarding world?”

Lucas Beaufort

Croatian Shootout

If you haven’t seen it yet, here it is, Luka Pinto’s Croatian Shootout video.

Starring, in order of appearance: Gosha Konyshev, Zoe Miloš, Dillon Catney, Tom Day, Jim Craven, Joe O’Donnell, Mikey Patrick, Aymeric Nocus, Luka Pinto, Csucsu Szlavik and Nich Kunz. Music: Joe Evans (banjo), Rory Drinnen (base).

To accompany the release of the video, and the accompanying article in Grey vol. 04 issue 01 (in shops now), here are some photos by Henry Kingsford that did not feature in the new issue.

Brijuni island


Colin Read will be with us today on the Brioni islands for an open screening of his latest film Spirit Quest. The film will be starting at 20:00, with an organized departure by boat from Fažana at 18:00 pm – tickets for the ship amounted to 25 kn per person, available from the National Park Brijuni reception in Fažana.
All interested parties should be in Fažana at the main dock no later than 17.45.



Five years in the making. Filmed in Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, France and England. 70 + skaters. Filmed and edited by Nikola Racan, Solsticij is finally here and the premiere is today, 24 September at the Cvajner gallery, 23:00.

Featuring Robert Kocjan, Zoe Miloš, Aymeric Nocus, Tomaž Šantl, Elvis Butković, Nino Jurlina, Marko Zubak, Masaki Ui and many others.

Film is exporting at the moment…

The Blackboard

Marquis Bradshaw’s debut documentary film The Blackboard examines what it means to be black in America, through the lens of skateboarding culture, which has become socially acceptable among black people only in recent years.

Pro skaters Jabari Pendleton, Karl Watson, and Ron Allen (one of the first black pro skaters and one of the first skaters to ever receive major corporate sponsorship), are telling their own story, without any filter but their own.

More about the film on the Blackboard website.

Vase by Jacob Harris

Vase is the first full-length video from Isle Skateboards featuring Nick Jensen, Tom Knox, Casper Brooker, Paul Shier, Jon Nguyen, Chris Jones and Sylvain Tognelli. It is filmed and edited by Jacob Harris, who visited us and presented Eleventh hour at Vladimir 2014. Vase will be screened on Day zero, 22nd September at 21:30. Don’t miss it!

“…when asked this question, we just give this dictionary definition of ‘Vase’ that it’s ‘a vessel that beautifies its contents’”

Read the interview about Vase with Jacob at the Green zine.

Spirit Quest

After the epic European premiere of now already cult film Tengu: God of Mischief shot in 2013 by Colin Read also known as Mandible Claw, we could not be more exited to announce that he is coming to Vladimir film festival in Fažana all the way from New York city to present his latest video: Spirit Quest.

Spirit Quest will be screened at the National Park of Brijuni on September 25th. Is there a better reason not to witness Vladimir 2016 in person.

“I think people need to try to have more fun with what they make instead of sticking to what they think works. If I did stick with my formula for the last video, ‘cause that seemed to work, then it wouldn’t be any fun this time around because I’d be making the same thing. The only thing that’s fun is trying to do something different.”

More of the interview with Colin Read at Jenkem mag and the Green zine

Conexiones by Luka Pinto

VFF 2016 presents: Conexiones video by Luka Pinto from Pillo Wheels that is going to be presented on 23rd of September in Fažana. Video was shot on locations: Jersey, London, Bristol, Murcia, Lyon Porto, Bordeaux and took 4 years to make.

We are happy to say that Luka and his friend will attend the festival and for this occasion we asked him to write something about the video.

“So sorry about not doing the write up of our video for you yet, im guessing we’ve already gone past the deadline you needed? Do you still need us to do it? I will try to write somthing we are happy with haha”

Pathways – Modern Architecture Skateboard Film from San Francisco

Artwork by Cosme Studio

It is a pleasure to have such a unique film on Vladimir 2016 shot and edited by Brett Nichols. Pathways is a skateboarding film focused on modern architecture, drawing it’s influence from the skate videos of Japan. 5 years in the making and filmed primarily in the San Francisco Bay area, it stars Chris Jatoft, Josh Paz, and many more…

Definitely one of the most exciting skateboard films shot in the last few years.

Check out the interview with Brett Nichols at Transworld magazine