Dumb Ape Tour

Building DIY skate obstacles on every stop on the way and skating them on the way back while traveling with an Ape Piaggio. Who does that!? Well, Simone Verona and Giovanni Grazzani from Dumb Skateboards just did! Check out Dumb Ape Tour on Friday 28th in Fažana’s old square and see how this endeavor went down!

What we do is skating, trying to film with all the friends from the team, make some videos sometimes, sell to the shops when we have time and use the company as an excuse for our dumb projects!

Branimir after party

DJ Figlio at the ramp full of tunes and golman caffe full of booze (and maybe some ping pong). That’s the Branimir after party on Friday. It’s a night you will probably not remember.

Brothers by Nino Jurlina

This project was a collaborative effort between like-minded people I’ve met over the years. The idea behind Simple is that skateboarding, the passion and the culture surrounding it is what’s pushing you forward and laying the groundwork for future generations.

Brothers is about the metaphoric circle that is life and shows specific periods during the day that aren’t complete unless they’re viewed as a whole and shared with your brothers. This film was shot over the last year and a half and uses a mix of older, nostalgic moments with a soundtrack that is closely connected to the theme and the individual personalities of each skater. Shot and edited by Nino Jurlina, Brothers is playing on Friday 30th at the Piazza Grande in Fažana.

Don’t worry Gordo, the universe will get us there

Photo; Alex Hallford. BS Noseblunt. Glasgow, Scotland. Photo by Rich West

Lovenskate brings you Don’t worry Gordo, the universe will get us there featuring the skating of Lucy Adams, Alex Barton, Ewen Bower, Alex Hallford, Dan Hill, Donald Karbonkel, Robbin Oost, Lee Santer, Jordan Thackeray, Aaron Wilmot, and friends. Filmed and edited by Jackson Davis. Screening in Fažana on Friday 28th.

What with world travel, the comp circuit and wanderlust (refusal to get phone credit), it’s hard to pin our crew down, but filmer Jackson Davis has been hot on their heels throughout the Eurozone and beyond, VX in hand.

Louisa Menke

Louisa Menke shoots the way she rides: on the streets and off the cuff.

A pioneer of the female pro skate scene, she’s since taken her four wheels and trusty Yashica from war-torn Kabul to downtown Johannesburg to the West Bank in Palestine. In 2015 Louisa and Kenny Reed released Some Time to Smile, a photo book documenting the work of Skateistan at their first skate school in Kabul, Afghanistan. In 2017 Louisa co-founded Forgotten Fanclubs and released a photo zine documenting a Johannesburg experience, titled Colorful hearts filled with rhythm and rainbows, no one can dance the way you do. While in Johannesburg, Louisa also co-starred in the documentary Get Used To It about female empowerment, skateboarding, and Skateistan.

On Saturday 29th we are hosting her photo exhibition at the cinema Kino Valli in Pula where we are also screening the documentary Get Used To It.

Sarcusnevarc presents Photosynthesis

Alien Workshop’s Photosynthesis is regarded as one of skateboarding’s masterpieces, nicknamed the orange tape, overflowing with ledge tech and consolidating the future legendary status of numerous true originals. Joe Castrucci and Bill Strobeck’s stylistic visions perfectly captured the transition from the loose fitted late 90’s to the excitingly evolving early millennium.

Marcus Craven (Sarcusnevarc), artist and animator from Manchester, UK created an animated homage that he will show on Saturday 29th at the cinema Kino Valli in Pula titled Sarcusnevarc presents photosynthesis.

Get used to it

South Africa’s tragic colonial history has resulted in extreme inequality, corruption, and record crime rates. Gender equality is written into today’s South African Constitution, but in reality, even Born Free girls and women suffer from a harshly patriarchal tradition. One NGO, however, uses skateboarding to break down barriers…

Check out Get Used to It at the cinema Kino Valli on Saturday 29th. The documentary is produced by Blam Studio and directed by Bemo Lundgren.

Expedition to I-ran by Original Copy

Original Copy is an ongoing experimental skateboard project by Zlatko Đogić (audio) and Tomaž Šantl (video). Each film stands by itself and includes various guests. Expedition to I-ran was initiated by Aleš Mačkovšek.

Can we adapt to the form of a present world to a slow and subjectivity of a skateboard? Can we confront skateboarder and architecture? Can we link reportage and musical? Is this possible? That is why the rock is whistling and the puppets and politicians are singing. It is a melancholic, passing by reality…

The screening will take place at the cinema Kino Valli in Pula on Saturday 29th.

Will Jivcoff at the Cvajner gallery

Originally from Toronto, Canada, Will Jivcoff is a photographer based in Berlin, Germany who takes a documentary approach to his work. He’s a co-founder of Medium Skateboard Magazine.

I love to capture genuine moments between people through portraiture and takes great interest in the Middle East, Russia, geopolitics and human rights.

Insha’Allah is a photo essay that explores Moroccan culture through the lens of skateboarding and is a staple phrase in everyday life there. An Islamic country on the northern tip of Africa, Morocco is one of the more liberal states in the Muslim world and considered unique from other African countries.

If you don’t want to miss this interesting photo exhibition check it out on Saturday 29th at the Cvajner gallery in Pula.

Boat ride to Brijuni

Don’t wait for the last moment, reserve your ticket for the boat ride to Brijuni island for the last screening on Sunday 30th.

Tickets will be available for purchase during the festival and you’ll be able to buy last minute tickets at VFF2018 booth at the pier from 17:00-17.30 h. Cash only (exact change preferred). Tickets are 35 Croatian Kuna per person (5 Euros), departure is from the main dock in Fažana at 18:00h and screening start at 20:00 h.

You can also pre-book your ferry ride ticket by filling out the form and we’ll get back to you!

Amazing race

Photo by Paul&Kleme

Brijuni screening documentary Amazing race (Original title: Suuren Urheilujuhlan Tuntua) by Juice Huhtala, a film-maker/cinematographer based in Helsinki, Finland. Sunday 30th at 20:00 h. The boat ride from main Fažana pier at 18:00 h. Reserve your tickets.

It`s not a competition, it`s a race!


On Sunday 30th at the Brijuni island, we are screening the video by Kuba Kaczmarczyk and Paweł Piotr Przybył titled This is not the new Grey Area Video: Neverwhere. All we got from him about the video is this:

The video is an independent project from Poland.

Thank you, Kuba, for this immersive description of the video. People that you can see skating here are Michal Juras, Krzysztof Poskrobko, Tomek Ziolkowski, Danny Fuenzalida, Many Massens, and Danijel Stankovic.

After party w/ BBQ

On Sunday 30th after the Brijuni projections, we are preparing a late night barbecue in Kasarna, some drinks and music to close the festival. Tibor (wok and rakija king) is at the grill so now you know where you need to be at 23:00 h!

Vladimir 2018