Vladimir Film Festival


Absurd at the Azov Sea

Fažana / Brijuni / 30 / 9 / 2018 / Film

Dur­ing the recent trip, the Absurd team explored cit­ies around the Azov region and got full on Rus­si­an exper­i­ence mixed with very spe­cial loc­al vibes.


Fažana / Hotel Brioni / 27 / 9 / 2018 / Film

Waltz is a short skate­board­ing film done by Spen­cer Lege­bokoff look­ing through the lens of fin­esse, quick feet, and style- opposed to hefty drops and massive rails.

Yalla Yalla

Fažana / Piazza Grande / 28 / 9 / 2018 / Film

We all hear news about Palestine every once in a while. Still most of us don’t real­ize how tough life out there is. There is nothing […]

Dumb Ape Tour

Fažana / Piazza Grande / 28 / 9 / 2018 / Film

Build­ing DIY skate obstacles on every stop on the way and skat­ing them on the way back while trav­el­ing with an Ape Piaggio.

Bran­imir after party

Fažana / Kasarna / 28 / 9 / 2018 / Event

DJ Figlio at the ramp full of tunes and gol­man caffe full of booze (and maybe some ping pong).

Broth­ers by Nino Jurlina

Fažana / Piazza Grande / 28 / 9 / 2018 / Film

Broth­ers is about the meta­phor­ic circle that is life and shows spe­cif­ic peri­ods dur­ing the day that aren’t com­plete unless they’re viewed as a whole and shared with your brothers. 

Don’t worry Gordo, the uni­verse will get us there

Fažana / Piazza Grande / 28 / 9 / 2018 / Film

Lovenskate brings you Don’t worry Gordo, the uni­verse will get us there fea­tur­ing the skat­ing of Lucy Adams, Alex Bar­ton, Ewen Bower, Alex Hall­ford, Dan Hill, Don­ald Kar­bonkel, Rob­bin Oost, Lee Santer, Jordan Thack­er­ay, Aaron Wilmot, and friends.

Louisa Men­ke

Pula / Valli cinema / 29 / 9 / 2018 / Photo

A pion­eer of the female pro skate scene, she’s since taken her four wheels and trusty Yash­ica from war-torn Kabul to down­town Johan­nes­burg to the West Bank in Palestine. 

Get used to it

Pula / Valli cinema / 29 / 9 / 2018 / Film

Check out Get Used to It at the cinema Kino Valli

Will Jiv­coff at the Cva­jn­er gallery

Pula / Cvajner gallery / 29 / 9 / 2018 / Photo

Ori­gin­ally from Toronto, Canada, Will Jiv­coff is a pho­to­graph­er based in Ber­lin, Ger­many who takes a doc­u­ment­ary approach to his work.