Static IV

As the final program is nearing, we are announcing Croatian premiere of Static IV, as the fifth film on this years Vladimir Film Festival. Static IV is one of the most awaited video projects in the year 2014.

The words are not enough, compared to the years of making legendary Static series. Josh Stewart, after almost five years of working on this project, is bringing us true excitement with final series of Static videos.

Vladimir Film Festival will screen Static IV, on 21th September, of 2014.

VFF 2014: Eleventh hour

Eleventh hour from Jacob Harris, is one of the most exiting skate video projects that came out in 2013. Theories of Atlantis web page ranked it as the best independent skate video from last year.
Hopefully, Jacob and the rest of guys from the film will join us this year on Vladimir Film Festival to present their video. If you want to know more about his work and “Eleventh hour”, check his interview from Gray skate magazine.

VFF 2014 update: Blackcrossbowl documentary!

“It almost feels like the Blackcrossbowl developed a life of it’s own in the six years of it’s existence. It became an almost mythical place because of the crazy party nights during the European Skateboard Championships and the rumour of the 1000€ prize for a successful drop in from the cross. Blackcrossbowl shows the full story from birth to death of one of Europe’s first DIY bowls and offers a glimpse into the life of the skateboarders that created it with the help of the European DIY godfather, Pontus Alv.”

Howard’s Groove by Josh Roberts

Available on DVD here.


B/W Oleg Morović

Darkslide team CRO/SLO tour!

Check out Darkslide team and their Skate, Beer and Rock’n’Roll tour! Peto Mercell, Igor Hanečák, Krnis and Tarzan Kudrnáčova.

Domingo is now online

Domingo was screened on Vladimir Film Festival 2012 with following exhibition that took place at the Glass Factory. Check the interview by Morgan Campbell with Josh Roberts here! For original DVD you can contact Josh Roberts on:

Photo exhibition VFF 2012