Nich Kunz setting up the darkroom

Our dear friend Nich Kunz is helping us a lot with this year’s Vladimir edition suggesting stuff for video and photo program and not to mention the solo exhibition with what he is going to take part of the official program in Kino Valli on Saturday, 23rd of September.

Other than that he is the main reason that we are hosting the exhibition Print exchange in Fažana with which we are opening the festival this year on Day Zero, Thursday 21st.

Then there is the merch he is helping us produce for the first time on Vladimir, but the most important thing, he helped us set up the darkroom and showed us how to use it, develop film and print darkroom prints. So a big thanks go to Nich! Thank you.

Nich Kunz at Vladimir

With no solid plans and nothing he had to do, Nich Kunz went on a trip to visit friends and skateboard while traveling in Europe. The exhibition of 12 photographs, accompanied by a book, recaps the solo 3 month trip leading up to the Vladimir Film Festival in 2016.

This solo exhibition by the San Francisco based photographer is going to be shown at the Valli cinema in Pula starting from 19:00 on Saturday, 23rd of September 2017.

Croatian Shootout

If you haven’t seen it yet, here it is, Luka Pinto’s Croatian Shootout video.

Starring, in order of appearance: Gosha Konyshev, Zoe Miloš, Dillon Catney, Tom Day, Jim Craven, Joe O’Donnell, Mikey Patrick, Aymeric Nocus, Luka Pinto, Csucsu Szlavik and Nich Kunz. Music: Joe Evans (banjo), Rory Drinnen (base).

To accompany the release of the video, and the accompanying article in Grey vol. 04 issue 01 (in shops now), here are some photos by Henry Kingsford that did not feature in the new issue.