Vladimir Film Festival

Kuba Bączkowskis

Vladi­mir at Isola

Isola / 1 / 5 / 2017 / Story

The last year’s Vladi­mir photo exhib­i­tion was presen­ted in Isola, Slov­e­nia as part of the Kino Otok film fest­iv­al with the works of Kuba Bączkowski, Joel Peck, […]

Kuba Bączkowski at VFF 2016

Pula / Valli Cinema / 24 / 9 / 2016 / Photo

It is truly excit­ing to have one of the lead­ing pho­to­graph­ers form Poland par­ti­cip­ate on this year’s inter­na­tion­al photo exhib­i­tion in Kino Valli.