Vladimir Film Festival

Stick­ers by Aymer­ic Nocus

08 / 03 / 2017 / Story

A fix­ture of clips filmed in Tokyo, Bud­apest, Par­is, Lon­don, Zagreb, Pula, Bor­deaux & Blois, by Zach Cham­ber­lin, Bence Bálint, Colin Read, Nikola Racan, Josh Roberts, Tetouf, Greg Deze­cot & Love Skate­board Co., and the Chef Fam­ily, 2014 – 2016.

The basic idea was to take leftover bits from Colin’s “Spir­it Quest”, Zach’s “Sprinkles / Bright Moments”, and Nikola’s “Sol­sti­cij”, and stick them togeth­er along with more per­son­al foot­age from my trips — not­ably with the Rios crew in Bud­apest — or even at home when Tetouf came to vis­it and we got to skate my child­hood spot for 5 minutes before his bat­tery ran out.

Most import­antly I wanted to make this a 100% skater-pro­duced clip, which would­n’t be so much about the fea­tured skat­ing as it would con­sist in show­cas­ing the tal­ent of the people behind the pro­duc­tion & their respect­ive pro­jects. Stick­ers are such a clas­sic skater­’s thing (only com­ing second to round shaky fisheyes…), and just like one com­monly uses them to ‘rep’ cer­tain entit­ies, I wanted to use those bits of video to ‘rep’ my friends & all the cool shit they do.