Vladimir Film Festival

Spir­it Quest

Fažana / Brijuni / 25 / 9 / 2016 / Film

After the epic European premiere of now already cult film Ten­gu: God of Mis­chief shot in 2013 by Colin Read also known as Mand­ible Claw, we could not be more exited to announce that he is com­ing to Vladi­mir film fest­iv­al in Fažana all the way from New York city to present his latest video: Spir­it Quest.

Spir­it Quest will be screened at the Nation­al Park of Brijuni on Septem­ber 25th. Is there a bet­ter reas­on not to wit­ness Vladi­mir 2016 in person.

“I think people need to try to have more fun with what they make instead of stick­ing to what they think works. If I did stick with my for­mula for the last video, ‘cause that seemed to work, then it wouldn’t be any fun this time around because I’d be mak­ing the same thing. The only thing that’s fun is try­ing to do some­thing different.”

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