Vladimir Film Festival

Spen­cer Lege­bokoff: The Motion of Memory

Barbariga / Fort Forno / 23 / 9 / 2022 / Talk

The present is unstable. The Motion of Memory is a short aca­dem­ic present­a­tion by Spen­cer Lege­bokoff that con­siders skate­board­ing as a meth­od of mater­i­al­iz­ing memor­ies and allows for the anim­a­tion of an arbit­rary object. Where does power lie — in the trick, or in the abil­ity to recol­lect? As Spen­cer explores what it means to move on a board, he also con­siders the objectiv­ity of skat­ing: trans­port on a blunt wooden object.