Vladimir Film Festival

SNT4EVER by Mar­cos Loz­ano Cantillo

Barbariga / Fort Forno / 23 / 9 / 2022 / Film

Inspir­ing levels of ded­ic­a­tion is all which can spring to mind upon the men­tion of Mar­cos Loz­ano and the SNT4EVER crew, loc­als of the icon­ic skate spot of Sants, Bar­celona since dawn who do not just hap­pen to com­plete adhere to the typ­ic­al in-uni­verse skate­board­ing plaza cul­ture and etiquette, but also really have com­pletely re-appro­pri­ated the space — for noth­ing but the bet­ter — through­out the years; repur­pos­ing an oth­er­wise typ­ic­al urb­an, ped­es­tri­an boulevard into a birth­place of action and life. One simple look at their web­site or Ins­tagram activ­ity should be enough to tell the sin­cer­ity of their geo­graph­ic­al pas­sion and focus of interest, retra­cing not just the tech­nic­al prowess and video doc­u­ment­a­tion over the dec­ades but as far back as the plaza’s edi­fic­a­tion, then gradu­ally expans­ive media coverage. 

The even­tu­al aim and present real­ity of SNT4EVER as a col­lect­ive is to raise aware­ness to the city coun­cil about the need to recov­er Plaça del Països Catalans as an archi­tec­tur­al icon and world emblem for the prac­tice of skateboarding. 

One they will get to share and explain in full this year at Vladi­mir, for the time span of a photo exhib­i­tion at Fort Forno includ­ing pho­tos by Dav­id Susko, Axel Ser­rat, Quel Domin­guez and Roger Fer­rero and the screen­ing of a full doc­u­ment­ary film edited by Vil­iy­an Todorov at Cir­colo the next day. After the fest­iv­al the exhib­i­tion is going to stay in Pula for two months at Valli cinema.