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Rios Crew Čekaj vol.2 Edit

20 / 9 / 2015 / Story

Photo Bálint Bence

Last sum­mer a bunch of numer­ous Hun­gari­ans, the Rios crew, came to Pula for the VFF2015 to present their latest video. We received the edit just few minutes before announ­cing the offi­cial pro­gram, but it was without the title. Oleg and I came out with the name “Jön­nek”, as we were writ­ing the line-up here on the blog. Video is now online and you can watch it here!

Fif­teen mem­bers of the crew stayed at already fam­ous Oleg’s house in Fažana. It was their second trip to Croa­tia, but rel­at­ively short stay, so they did­n’t wasted a minute. The out­come is skate­board­ing at it’s best, with a small glimpse into the fest­iv­al mood and fea­tur­ing Rios’ mem­ber of hon­or, Aymer­ic Nocus.

Čekaj 2:

It was a great pleas­ure to have them here in Fažana and Pula for VFF 2015 and we are look­ing for­ward to see what will they come up with, for the next edi­tion of the fest­iv­al, VFF 2016!

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