Vladimir Film Festival

Recipe for hate

Barbariga / Fort Forno / 17 / 9 / 2021 / Photo

Boldriders with style

The Boldrider phe­nomen­on star­ted as a big skate joke between a group of long-time friends. The joke, as likely as not a bad joke, mani­fes­ted itself in the act of shitty skate­board­ing, fan­zines, diy activ­it­ies, trav­el­ing and music, with bands like Srčki, Scream­ing dildos, Anti­psy­chi­atry, Agregat.

In the year of 2008 the first issue of Boldrider zine came to life. It was an inspir­a­tion­al thing, a pub­lic­a­tion for close friends, just to let them know what’s up. Not a reg­u­lar zine for sure. At the same time we moved from the aban­doned hotel Kras in the centre of Posto­jna, where we built a tem­por­ary wooden indoor diy park, to our beloved Pumpa, an aban­doned gas sta­tion just out­side of town. We are still here, build­ing the last sec­tion of the con­crete park, organ­ising events and try­ing to keep the loc­al scene alive. At this year’s Vladi­mir film fest­iv­al we’ll present the latest issue of our zine (it’s been a long time) after which we named the exhib­i­tion. The long awaited anti skate­board­ing video JAMI is anoth­er gem we want to show you this year. Don’t laugh please!