Vladimir Film Festival


Fažana / Kasarna / 22 - 25 / 9 / 2022 / Story

Prost­or urbane kul­ture or trans­lated Space for urbane cul­ture is the asso­ci­ation run­ning all the cul­tur­al events at Kas­arna dur­ing the whole year. Prac­ti­cing and teach­ing the DIY ways through cre­at­ive work­shops, exhib­i­tions, music events and cur­at­ing the only zine archive in Istria: Fan­zi­noteka. Prost­or is run by Oleg, Tibor and Nikola and it’s a small inde­pend­ent com­munity, art and cul­ture center.