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Present­a­tion of the future skate park in Fažana

13 / 03 / 2019 / Story

Skate park Mediteran

The idea of build­ing the Medi­ter­ranean skate park has been present for more than five years now. It arose from the loc­al skaters desire to chan­nel their time, energy and cre­ativ­ity into the con­struc­tion and man­age­ment of one of the most high qual­ity skate cen­ters of the Medi­ter­ranean. The skate park infra­struc­ture and visu­al iden­tity would be modeled to repro­duce the nature of the envir­on­ment in which it would be cre­ated, the con­cep­tu­al start­ing point would thus be the sea, as it is a primary fea­ture of the region. Con­sequently, the skate ele­ments would be incor­por­ated into an over­all struc­ture that meets both aes­thet­ic and func­tion­al cri­ter­ia. Ramps and rails would be replaced with play­ful organ­ic­ally designed shapes remin­is­cent of sea waves sus­pen­ded in time. There­fore, the con­crete ground­work would be modeled in shapes that per­fectly fit into the Medi­ter­ranean architecture.

Regard­less of how valu­able the his­tory of the city & its region is, the mod­ern Fažana youth deserves more than grow­ing up under a glass dome dis­play of the past. What used to be a beau­ti­ful portal to the Brijuni also deserves to be just as mag­ni­fi­cient of a door to as many hori­zons in life as pos­sible to the young­er gen­er­a­tions born and raised there.
 — Aymer­ic Nocus, 27

3D sim­u­la­tion of the skate park / Design by Bryg­ger­iet, Malmö

The build­ing of this kind of skate park requires the involve­ment of experts who are famil­i­ar with that kind of con­struc­tion and more import­antly, with the laws of skate­board­ing, skate parks and their essen­tial qual­it­ies, includ­ing the safety of their vis­it­ors. Accord­ingly, the real­iz­a­tion of the pro­ject should be done by exper­i­enced com­pan­ies spe­cial­ized in skate park design and construction.

The Medi­ter­ranean skate­park would be a unique jew­el, not only for Istria and Croa­tia, but also for the wider region, as it would con­sti­tute a con­cep­tu­al pro­ject inten­ded for skat­ing, that could also rise bey­ond its func­tion­al domain to an artist­ic sphere.
 — Marko Zubak

3D sim­u­la­tion of the skate park / Design by Bryg­ger­iet, Malmö

The present­a­tion of the Skate park Medit­er­an was presen­ted to the Fažana pub­lic on two occa­sions, first in May 17th 2017 and again in March 12th 2019.