Vladimir Film Festival

Play­ground by Hsin Jan Chao

Paviljon 3 / 20 - 25 / 9 / 2023 / Photo

Skaters like a child. We will fall in love with a hand­rail, fun box, bank, or any strange shape we could find it. Every child brings a skate­board and their own ima­gin­a­tion to dis­cov­er the world. 

The whole world is our skatepark.

Hsin Jan Chao, born in Taiwan in 1993, is a doc­u­ment­ary, con­cep­tu­al pho­to­graph­er, and inter­me­dia artist. He is cur­rently study­ing for a Mas­ter­’s degree at the FAMU Pho­to­graphy Depart­ment. Hsin mainly focuses on under­ground cul­ture and min­im­al­ist forms and devel­ops these themes in his pro­jects at the Ima­gin­at­ive Pho­to­graphy Stu­dio. In most of his recent works, Hsin com­bines ele­ments of East­ern, Buddhist philo­sophies, the Bauhaus school of thought, and his own life exper­i­ence as a Taiwanese skate­boarder liv­ing in Europe.