Vladimir Film Festival

Peter Fet­tich “Rispect the boul”

Fažana / Kasarna / 27 / 9 / 2019 / Talk

Last year Vladi­mir hos­ted Peter Fet­tich in Kas­arna, where he exhib­ited a series of more than 100 hand prin­ted pho­to­graphs taken in Fažana from 2013 on, tak­ing over the whole space. This year he’s com­ing back with his debut photo book RISPECT THE BOUL!, that premi­eres in the Fažana DIY skate­park on Fri­day 27.9. at noon.

It’s in your face and it is unapologetic.

Rich Gil­ligan

At a glance, his sub­ject and nar­rat­ive seem simple, even care­free. BW pho­to­graphs depict­ing a scene… the mak­ing of DIY skate­parks and the sub­cul­ture behind it. But this is his home turf. The spec­tat­or dives into the imagery fast and hard. In devi­ation from mass brand­ing or main­stream influ­ences, the DIY scene is full of friend­ship, laughs, pain and sweat.

I feel, as if the author shifts me to places I know very well, but have nev­er seen or observed in such a way before.

Tibor Rep