Vladimir Film Festival

Pakt video

Barbariga / Fort Forno / 23 / 9 / 2022 / Film

Mostly filmed and edited by the man known in the most Pol­ish of all shad­ows as Icy Tower (but with some cam­era work cour­tesy of Pablo Pal­ider and Kasza), Pakt is a pro­ject stem­ming from the cooper­a­tions of a few broth­ers: sons-of-the-grime papas focused on skate­board­ing and devel­op­ing their own brand. The video defines the scream of the young gen­er­a­tions in front of the cur­rent state of the world, and cap­tures the will­power of the grime papas to object to the chaos. Pakt was filmed over the past two years that coin­cided with this generation’s intro­duc­tion to dark­ness. Work­ing under the influ­ence of a strange force, forced to look for dirt — places to sleep, skate and go crazy. Those places are what we tried show­ing in this video. We are wait­ing for the dark grime papas’ answer. ‑the Pakt crew and Icy T.

Fea­tur­ing the skate­board­ing of Michał Zar­zycki, Franek Kramar­czyk, Andrzej Kwi­atek, Szati, Tomek Kus­mider, Andrzej Palen­ica, Janek Jaroszewicz, Patryk Sadzki, Paweł Stryszkowski, Bruno Drapal­ski, Filip Pio­trow­icz, Krzysztof Posk­rob­ko, Jan Mikula, Bartek Pigula, Janek Piasek, Mateusz Kowalski