Free skate mag on VFF2017

Free skate mag did a great article on VFF 2017 with words by Aymeric Nocus accompanied with photos by Tomaž Šantl. Here it is!

If you aren’t familiar with the yearly Vladimir Film Festival already, sorry to say you’ve been sleepin’ and slippin’.

VFF2017 photo journal by Solo

Great shots taken by Stefan Schwinghammer at the Vladimir 2017 on Solo skate mag.

A good skate session, chilling at the beach, good food, Ping Pong, Rakija (other better not) and screenings and photo exhibitions in the evening. What more do you want?

Connor Kammerer best trick contest

Connor Kammerer’s concept came to life on day zero of Vladimir 2017. Skating famous spots here in Fažana was a thrill for everybody who got the chance to witness this simple yet complex idea. Congratulations to the winners.

First place:
Black hubba / best trick – Dino Coce

Second place:
Keenan Milton prize – Nich Kunz

Third place:
Best overall – Gosha Konyshev


Taufek Asmarak

Taufek Asmarak, the founder of independent magazine Waxfeather, is bringing us Quit KL, a skate video from Kuala Lumpur by Tep York. At Vladimir Film Festival, Taufek is showing a photo exhibition documenting underground skate scene from Malaysia (Singapore) and Indonesia, made during the filming of the Quit KL video.

The exhibition and the screening are set for Friday, 22nd September at Caffe bar Stara Fažana from 19:00.

Marko Zubak interview for Carhartt

Interview with Marko Zubak for Carhartt about Vladimir film festival. Check it out here.

It stared totally spontaneously, with the idea to screen some local edits and skate videos with projector, in the small local skate park in Fažana, as an event after the whole day skate session.

Connor Kammerer at Vladimir

Connor Kammerer is bringing along spots that are familiar to him for the public to interact within the form of 35mm slide projections. In a primitive, performative version of “photoshopping” themselves into pictures, guests are asked to document their perspectives on the displaced locations, creating skateboarding photos with a different relationship to space and time.

So on September 21st, Vladimir Day zero at the Brioni hotel in Fažana, come and check it out.

Nich Kunz setting up the darkroom

Our dear friend Nich Kunz is helping us a lot with this year’s Vladimir edition suggesting stuff for video and photo program and not to mention the solo exhibition with what he is going to take part of the official program in Kino Valli on Saturday, 23rd of September.

Other than that he is the main reason that we are hosting the exhibition Print exchange in Fažana with which we are opening the festival this year on Day Zero, Thursday 21st.

Then there is the merch he is helping us produce for the first time on Vladimir, but the most important thing, he helped us set up the darkroom and showed us how to use it, develop film and print darkroom prints. So a big thanks go to Nich! Thank you.