Vladimir Film Festival

Nich Kunz set­ting up the darkroom

21 / 09 / 2017 / Story

Our dear friend Nich Kunz is help­ing us a lot with this year’s Vladi­mir edi­tion sug­gest­ing stuff for video and photo pro­gram and not to men­tion the solo exhib­i­tion with what he is going to take part of the offi­cial pro­gram in Kino Valli on Sat­urday, 23rd of September.

Oth­er than that he is the main reas­on that we are host­ing the exhib­i­tion Print exchange in Fažana with which we are open­ing the fest­iv­al this year on Day Zero, Thursday 21st.

Then there is the merch he is help­ing us pro­duce for the first time on Vladi­mir, but the most import­ant thing, he helped us set up the dark­room and showed us how to use it, devel­op film and print dark­room prints. So a big thanks go to Nich! Thank you.