Vladimir Film Festival

Nevolja by Hrvo­je Zubović

Fažana / Kasarna / 16 / 9 / 2021 / Film

Photo Ern­est Mazareković

Sim­il­ar to Noc­turnup, (ne)Volja was filmed exclus­ively dur­ing night­time, but in this case that was to a great­er degree a logic­al con­sequence of con­di­tions in which this group of skaters found them­selves, than a con­scious author’s decision. Pre­cari­ous work­ing con­di­tions, earth­quake and a glob­al pan­dem­ic made sure that this group stayed in Zagreb, so night­time was the only peri­od of the day in which this pro­ject could have been realised.

Fea­tured skaters are Domagoj Gudac, Marino Maz­arekić, Tom­is­lav Vran­ić, Petar Spied­lick, Bruno Vran­ić and Ant­o­nio Peković.