Vladimir Film Festival

Mar­seille Zoo Epis­ode 4

Fažana / Stara Fažana / 22 / 9 / 2017 / Film

Rémi Luciani is bring­ing the latest epis­ode of his Mar­seille Zoo series to Vladi­mir film fest­iv­al on Fri­day 22nd at Stara Fažana.

The video involves nearly 40 skate­boarders includ­ing loc­als and hom­ies from all around the world: UK, USA, Den­mark, Pol­ska, Aus­tralia and more. Be sure not to miss this as Rémi and his fri­rnds are join­ing us at the festival.

Mar­seille’s skate­board­ing scene is under­rated and deserves to be shown, its poten­tial is huge but usu­ally underestimated.

Rémi Luciani