Vladimir Film Festival

Louisa Men­ke

Pula / Valli cinema / 29 / 9 / 2018 / Photo

Louisa Men­ke shoots the way she rides: on the streets and off the cuff.

A pion­eer of the female pro skate scene, she’s since taken her four wheels and trusty Yash­ica from war-torn Kabul to down­town Johan­nes­burg to the West Bank in Palestine. In 2015 Louisa and Kenny Reed released Some Time to Smile, a photo book doc­u­ment­ing the work of Skateistan at their first skate school in Kabul, Afgh­anistan. In 2017 Louisa co-foun­ded For­got­ten Fan­clubs and released a photo zine doc­u­ment­ing a Johan­nes­burg exper­i­ence, titled Col­or­ful hearts filled with rhythm and rain­bows, no one can dance the way you do. While in Johan­nes­burg, Louisa also co-starred in the doc­u­ment­ary Get Used To It about female empower­ment, skate­board­ing, and Skateistan.

On Sat­urday 29th we are host­ing her photo exhib­i­tion at the cinema Kino Valli in Pula where we are also screen­ing the doc­u­ment­ary Get Used To It.