Vladimir Film Festival

Kir­ill Korob­kov secret exhibition

Fažana / Secret location / 26 - 29 / 9 / 2019 / Photo

Kir­ill Korob­kov had sent us some pho­tos for Vladi­mir but he did­n’t know about our plan for his exhib­i­tion so he is also on the hunt! This show titled Point and shoot is secret! It’s hid­den some­where in Fažana. And you have to find it to check it out. For the dur­a­tion of the fest­iv­al, we are gonna give you hints so stay in the loop with our web­site and face­book page!

Here are a few words about it from Kiril:

I like to think of trav­el­ing as the best uni­ver­sity. It gives you know­ledge and opens you eyes on places you’ve nev­er heard of. It is also the most enter­tain­ing way to learn things and facts. Trav­el­ing helps you to under­stand bet­ter even your­self. Trav­el­ing and skate­board­ing is a power­ful combo that makes both things even bet­ter. Skate­board­ing takes you to dif­fer­ent places. Trav­el­ing makes skate­board­ing a bet­ter tool to dis­cov­er our world. The pro­verb says that trav­el­ing is the only thing money can buy that makes you rich­er. After trav­el­ing with skaters for around 15 years I am not going to argue with it. We don’t remem­ber days but we remem­ber moments.