Vladimir Film Festival

James Grif­fiths

Fažana / Kasarna / 16 / 9 / 2021 / Photo

The doc­u­ment­a­tion of a three part Pro­ject in three sep­ar­ate Hec­tic Asi­an cit­ies where we would sleep dur­ing the days and explore the cit­ies at night. Unfor­tu­nately due to the third trip being can­celled due to the Cov­id Pan­dem­ic this pro­ject has been stuck in a two year limbo. With a cease of com­mu­nic­a­tion from the powers that be there have been no plans to fin­ish this pro­ject or even put these pho­tos out any­where so they are being shown for the first time here. 

The pho­tos are accom­pan­ied by a zine. This is spilt into two parts for each city. This was a photo collage/annotations of each city which was then filmed in the dark­ness in night vis­ion and played back through an old TV.