Vladimir Film Festival

Island by Jim Craven

Fažana / Brijuni / 24 / 9 / 2017 / Film

Jim Craven, a young author from Manchester, is here with us again after last year’s pre­view of what we today know as the Land video. With great pleas­ure we are watch­ing his next install­ment named Island at Nation­al park Brijuni on Sunday 24th of September.

‘Island’ is an expan­sion on a pro­ject we embarked on last year, ‘Land’. This sum­mer we have trav­elled the length of the UK, camp­ing in the wild and skat­ing unique and rur­al spots along the way. It stars Tom Day and Zach Riley, along­side friends we met along the way.

Jim Craven

Photo: Henry Kingsford