Vladimir Film Festival

Grey Area — Cul­ture of Grey: Witos story

Fažana / Main square / 22 / 9 / 2022 / Film

In a man­ner that inter­est­ingly seems to stem from the same fiber of loc­al ‘plaza cul­ture’ and archi­tec­tur­al con­sid­er­a­tion as what SNT4EVER runs on in Bar­celona, for this new pro­duc­tion, Grey Area — by no means strangers to sev­er­al past Vladi­mir pro­grams along with their plen­ti­ful leg­acy of full-length, inter­na­tion­ally-filmed skate movies — chose to high­light and focus on just one spe­cif­ic spot: Witos plaza in Warsaw, about which they recount:

Witos plaza has been skated since skate­board­ing was born in Warsaw in the late eighties. That is the only O.G. spot in Warsaw that is still around and has­n’t been changed over the past years. All the oth­er ones are either gone or were com­pletely rebuilt.

Grey Area is not just look­ing for obscure spots in the city cuts. We also love nev­er-end­ing plaza ses­sions. After the pos­it­ive feed­back we received last year on the first Cul­ture of Grey edit — entirely filmed at the Palace of Cul­ture and Sci­ence — for this spring’s, we decided to fea­ture the O.G. Witos square and then con­sequen­tially spent a few months there film­ing. Plaza life for days!