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7 / 3 / 2016 / Story

An inde­pend­ent film from Per Chris­ti­an Løvås shot entirely in Nor­way came out some­time last year. Shame we did not have a chance to intro­duce this video on the 2015 fest­iv­al edition.

Sure film­ing a line at Paral-lel is prob­ably fun­ner than hav­ing two hood­ies under a puff­er jack­et and try­ing to skate some ledge that won’t grind in down­town Oslo but the foot­age will nev­er look as good to me. It’s all about being proud of where you’re from. Oh and also, I was broke.

Per Chris­ti­an Løvås film­ing Jan Hen­rik Kong­stein / Photo Vit­torio Brisigotti

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