Vladimir Film Festival 2016

Video program

  • I Like It Here Inside My Mind. Don’t Wake Me This Time. by Pontus Alv
  • Pathways by Brett Nichols
  • Cinecittà On Wheels by Inti Carboni
  • Fourteen by Pablo Marín
  • Corto by Maximiliano Fernandez
  • Trip to belgrade by Kult 
  • Vase by Jacob Harris
  • Nicaragua by Jacob Harris
  • Somehow… Somewhere… by Absurd skateboards
  • Conexiones by Luka Pinto
  • Pješčana oluja by Mario Fanuko
  • Tokyo Kusogaki project by KP Tokyo crew
  • Getting Loose in Belarus by Dura skateboards
  • The Blackboard by Marquis Bradshaw
  • Future is primitive by Katsuya Nonaka
  • Solos by Colin Read
  • Solsticij by Nikola Racan
  • Spirit Quest by Colin Read

Photo program

Fažana photo exhibition – Nicaragua

  • Henry Kingsford

International photo exhibition

  • Alexey Lapin
  • Kuba Bączkowski
  • Joel Peck
  • Richard West

Cvajner photo exhibition – Čista zona

  • Sergej Vutuc

Vladimir Film Festival 2015

Video program

  • Headcleaner by Alex Rose
  • Oš jednog by Orion skate
  • Kickflips over occupation by Maen Hammad
  • Original Copy by Tomaž Šantl & Zlatko Djogić
  • Jönnek by Rios Crew
  • Danger Dave by Philippe Petit
  • Domingo II by Josh Roberts

Photo program

Fažana photo exhibition

  • Aymeric Nocus

International photo exhibition

  • Henry Kingsford
  • Richard Hart
  • Benjamin Deberdt
  • Yoan Taillandier
  • Alexandre Pires

Vladimir Film Festival 2014

Video program

  • Blackcrossbowl by Alex Pipoz
  • Crossing the Perth Dimension by Josh Roberts
  • Static IV by Josh Stewart
  • Coping Mechanism by Phil Evans
  • Eleventh hour by Jacob Harris

Photo program

Fažana DIY retrospective photo exhibition

  • Kristijan Smok
  • Tomaž Šantl
  • Oleg Morović
  • Nikola Racan
  • Zoetica Ebb
  • Mihael Šandro

International photo exhibition

  • Allen Ying
  • Nils Svensson
  • Jean Feil
  • Raymond Knives
  • Tomaž Šantl
  • Liu Puli
  • James Whineray
  • Aymeric Nocus

Vladimir Film Festival 2013

Video program

  • Pushed by Florian Schneider
  • Soleil Levant by Magenta Skateboards
  • Tengu: God of Mischief by Colin Read
  • Grey Area by Kaczmarczyk & Pawel Piotr Przybyl
  • The Mandalay Express by Patrik Wallner

Photo program

  • Isaac Mc-Kay Randozzi
  • John Lindsay
  • James Whineray
  • Tomaž Šantl
  • Aymeric Nocus
  • Sergej Vutuc
  • Kristijan Smok

Vladimir Film Festival 2012

Video program

  • Meanwhile by Yoan Taillandier
  • Domingo by Josh Roberts
  • The Mandalay Express by Patrik Wallner
  • Dragonslayer by Tristan Patterson

Photo program

  • Domingo (video booklet) by James Wineray
  • Tomaž Šantl
  • Peter Jurčić
  • Andi Kuljiš
  • Andreas Kancelar
  • Jan Stojković

Vladimir Film Festival 2011

Video program

  • Format Perspective by Phil Evans
  • Z Movie, Antiz Skateboards
  • Bloodshed by Rick Charnoski and Coan Nichols

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