Skate pub quiz

skate pub quiz2

If you are staying for an extra day after the festival be careful because you might fall in love on Monday night of the 30th September. That is all that we need to tell you about the Skate pub quiz curated by Marko Zubak and Aymeric Nocus.

Vladimir 2019

The dates for the 9th edition of Vladimir film festival are out and will take place in Fažana, Pula and Brijuni national park from 26th till 29th of September 2019.

Vidimo se!

Waltzing in Croatia

A big thanks goes to Spencer Legebokoff for writing this article about Vladimir 2019 that was published at the King skateboard magazine

The normally culturally homogenous town was quickly taken over by the sounds of powerslides and Ollies, and I quickly realized why Fažana was the perfect place for skaters to gather: the sea was warm, coffee breaks were long, and nobody ever felt the need to lock their doors.

Interview with Rick Charnoski and Coan Buddy Nichols

Interview with the makers of Behind the fence installation Rick Charnoski and Coan Buddy Nichols.

Interview by Aymeric Nocus.

Looking for accommodations?

If you’re joining us at Vladimir Film Festival this year and looking for affordable accommodations, please contact Hostel Amfora located in Fažana center. It’s close to all the festival events and locations. For all reservation inquiries, send a request to to be eligible for festival discount (instead of using their booking system). Fee per night 10 EUR.

If you’re in search of accommodations other than a hostel, Fažana offers many different types via and!

Looking forward to your arrival.

Vladimir 2018 program

Vladimir film festival 2018 program:

27. 9.  / Thursday

Brioni Hotel

Photo and video exhibition

Photo exhibition
Sarah Parson Texas

Skate market
Low life
Simple skateboards
Dumb skateboards
Absurd skateboards
Marko Zubak

Skate video projections

Feng Shui
Daniel Ferreira, Raphael Bravin

Josh Cox and Joe Sivell
Chris Morgan

Guillaume Périmony

Spencer Legebokoff

George Toland


Photo exhibition
Peter Fettich

28. 9. / Friday

Piazza Grande

Street food stand

Photo exhibition
Tom Wilk

Skate video projections:

Tom Wilk

Yalla Yalla
Absurd skateboards

Don’t worry Gordo, the universe will get us there
Jackson Davis

Hawaiian Peel
Keanu Robson

Dumb ape tour
Dumb skateboards

Nino Jurlina


Branimir after party
DJ Figlio

29. 9. / Saturday

Kino Valli

Photo exhibition
Louisa Menke

Get used to it
Blam studio


Expedition to I-ran

Original Copy


The Skatrix (installation)
Rick Charnoski, Coan Buddy Nichols

Galerija Cvajner

Photo exhibition
Will Jivcoff

30. 9. / Sunday

National park Brijuni

Brijuni boat ride

Amazing Race
Jucie Huhtala

Absurd at the Azov Sea

Absurd skateboards

This is not the new Grey Area Video: Neverwhere
Kuba Kaczmarczyk


After party w/ BBQ

You can check the locations of the festival on the map.

Supported by: TZ Fažana / Grad Pula / TZ Pula / Istarska Županija / NP Brijuni / Pula Film Festival / Kino Valli / Galerija Cvajner / Kasarna prostor urbane kulture / Piazza Grande / Nakonjusmo / Six Penelope
Media partners: Grey skateboard magazine / Solo magazine / Live skateboard media / Free skateboard magazine


We are hosting an exhibition all the way from Brasil at Vladimir 2018. Dornelândia is a collaborative project between skaters and artists. The product of this collaboration is going to be presented at the Brioni hotel in Fažana on Thursday 27th of September starting from 19:00 h.

During four months, Alexandre Cotinz, Murilo Romão e Renato Custódio occupied an artistic space named Esquesso, located in Largo da Batata – one of the most iconic skate and culture spots of São Paulo.

An experimental project of investigation and resignification of the relationship between skateboarding and sound.

Kaštel fortress – addition to the festival

Part of the program is set at a new location thanks to our new partner The Historical and Maritime Museum of Istria. The new location is the wonderful hilltop fortress Kaštel situated in the heart of Pula.

On Saturday 29th we will be premierly presenting The Skatrix, a video installation made by Coan Nichols and Rick Charnoski. Don’t miss out on this one!

You can find more information about the fortress and the location here.

Festival locations

Find your way around Fažana and Pula. We made a map. It’s a treasure hunt from now on! You can find it in our festival newspaper or download it on to your phone.

Skate market

Photo by: Stefan Schwinghammer (Solo)

Skate market is not so new of a concept for Vladimir as it is an extended version of what we had in previous editions of the festival. This year we have Palomino from the UK, Dumb skateboards from Italy, Absurd skateboards from Russia, Simple skateboards from Rijeka, Low Life from Zagreb, Marko Zubak from Rovinj and some new Vladimir goodies!

So if you are looking for some new t-shirts, hoodies, DVD’s, zines and more don’t miss out on this bundle of joy at the Brioni hotel in Fažana on Thursday 27th!

After the fact, before the deluge

Sara Parson Texas is an analog photographer and illustrator born in Paris and living in Berlin since 2011. Her on going project called After the fact, before the deluge was at first a mix in between a zine/blog where she would have all kind of photos, and it is going to be presented on Vladimir as an exhibition on Thursday 27th in the Brioni hotel in Fažana.

This project is my own “in between” space i would say. All this moment when you are with so many peoples/friends on trip and nothing crazy happens but just normal life and suddenly you focus and notice all this little nothing. Suddenly the photo is not only a portrait/a gesture or so but just an emotion that you know you can only capture at this very second.

Teddie by George Toland

Teddie is the first full-length Serious Adult video, filmed over the last 10 months, loosely based around trips to Marseille and Zaragoza, with some South London crust thrown in for good measure! Featuring full parts from Tom Delion, Jack Soden Sebastian Lemus and Darwin Cranium, alongside appearances from the wider GCSA squadron.

The screening of George Toland’s video is set at the Brioni hotel in Fažana on Thursday 27th.

Peter Fettich photo exhibition

On Thursday 27th we are hosting a great photo exhibition at Kasarna in Fažana. Peter Fettich from Ljubljana, Slovenia, has captured some of the amazing moments at Vertbrant mini ramp contest and Vladimir film festival, intermittently, since 2013.

I have been heavily immersed in skate/snowboard culture since the mid 90s. As most information during the 90s was through magazines and movies, I developed an interest in photography towards the end of the millennium. For the past 7 years my main focus in photography has been traditional analog black and white darkroom imagery.

Feng Shui

A skateboarding cruise with the artist Raphael Bravin Fumaça, filmed by Daniel Ferreira, going through a couple of neighborhoods in Belo Horizonte. Check it out on Thursday 27th at the Brioni hotel in Fažana.

Daniel Ferreira is a skateboarder, videographer, and artist based in Belo Horizonte, Brasil. His artistic work around skateboarding visual culture started with research on the relation between skateboarding and video histories.


If you had a chance to try some of the recipes by Tibor Rep than you know why he is coming again this year to cook for us on Friday 28th. If you didn’t try it, well, now it’s your chance. Don’t miss out on it and if you are lucky you will get your hands on his new foodzine!

I’m a food person and I craft thoughtful and inspired dishes for you – the people who enjoy food. When you eat my food you just might wanna do it again. That’s how the name REPeat was born.