Vladimir Film Festival


Pula / Valli cinema / 28 / 9 / 2019 / Film

Dávid Mikulán is an inter­me­dia artist who gradu­ated from the Fine Art Uni­ver­sity, Bud­apest. Amongst numer­ous group and solo exhib­i­tions, he has col­lab­or­ated with the Con­cep­tu­al Sound­pro­duc­tions Bud­apest, Kolibri Theatre and the Hun­gari­an State Opera. His mul­tidiscip­lin­ary works reflect on how pub­lic spaces have an effect on social structures.

If acci­dent­ally we had to explain to UFOs what East­ern Europe means, we are now in an easy pos­i­tion. Simply place them in a com­fort­able chair and start this video.

Reac­tions is made by skate­boarders in Debre­cen and it’s all about the low-key, depres­sion, dis­com­fort, and the com­puls­ive destruc­tion of another­’s joy. It draws on a defect­ive per­cep­tion of the pub­lic space, which neces­sar­ily leads to a lack of com­munity exper­i­ence, depres­sion, loneli­ness, ali­en­a­tion. The movie takes place in a world where every­one has their own pan­el to get home and get drunk, beat your fam­ily mem­bers, stare at the TV or cut your blood ves­sels. Keep the streets quiet, aban­doned, let the trash blow in the wind because it can be tossed out the win­dow, because the streets are pub­lic, so it belongs to nobody.

Check this one out on Sat­urday 28th at the Valli cinema in Pula start­ing from 8pm.