Vladimir Film Festival

Broth­ers is online

8 / 1 / 2019 / Story

We had a pleas­ure to see Broth­ers at Vladi­mir 2018 and now we can enjoy it once again at home, and then again and again. Simple skate­boards is here with Nino Jurlin­a’s film. Adi­tion­al filmming was done by Mihael Šandro, Raul Žgomba, Nikola Racan and Mario Fanuko.

Flips and flops skated by Zoe Miloš, Val Miloš, Krun­oslav Dun­dović, Dino Šertović, Toni Šertović, Hrvo­je Skočić, Dav­or Jugo­v­ac, Ivan Nižić, Mat­teo Putigna, Zvon­imir Mikić, Adri­an Josi­pović, Mir­an Mar­ić, Mihael Šandro, Filip Tenšek, Marko Pavlina, Marko Zubak, Mario Fanuko, Raul Žgomba, Elvis Butković, Nikola Racan, Mar­in Srzentić, Tomaž Šantl, Marino Valentić, Nino Jurlina and Mar­in Jurlina.

People that skate in the video share the same point of view when it comes to skate­board­ing, as well as some oth­er life val­ues, what made each of our joint ses­sion spon­tan­eous cre­ation of memories.