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Bom­bastik Euro 2021 is online

3 / 11 / 2021 / Story

Rob Wheel­er — sw vari­al flip, Mil­an / Photo Patricio

If you were out of luck and did­n’t catch the premiere of this gem on Vladi­mir, seems like For­tu­na is send­ing love in your dir­ec­tion! Bom­bastik Euro 2021 is online and you can watch it right now.

Our Czech broth­ers, influ­enced mostly by the Sab­ot­age crew from Phil­adelphia, star­ted film­ing through­out Europe last Octo­ber and they’ve come up with this short piece, whose name, Bom­bastik, is an homage to the filmmaker’s crew back in Chile. Skaters in the movie are Patri­cio Valdes, Maciej Szwe­jda, Pepa Kostal, Vasek Stav­arek, Joa­quin Castro, Daniel Vilches, Rob Wheel­er, Nisse Eng­man, Marco Vag­ani, Clau­dio Dono­so and others.

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