Vladimir Film Festival

Boldrider the movie

Barbariga / Fort Forno / 17 / 9 / 2021 / Film

Boldrider mani­fes­ted itself in the act of shitty skate­board­ing, fan­zines, diy activ­it­ies, trav­el­ing and music, with bands like Srčki, Scream­ing dildos, Anti­psy­chi­atry, Agregat.

Boldrider the movie titled H JAMI comes from our dear slov­e­ni­an friends and behind this 14-years-in-the-mak­ing pro­ject is Lele (Loen Zuodar) the fam­ous zine maker from Posto­jna. The screen­ing is accom­pan­ied by the exhib­i­tion Recipe for hate.