Vladimir Film Festival

Alexey Lap­in at VFF 2016

Pula / Valli cinema / 24 / 9 / 2016 / Photo

Gosha Kony­shev — Drop in, Podgorica

Alexey Lap­in, a pho­to­graph­er from Moscow, deserves a spe­cial men­tion when speak­ing about the vis­it­ors from Rus­sia. Marko (Zubak) first saw Alexey’s pho­tos in Free Skate Mag #2: Rus­si­ans hit­ting up the Balkans and than a year later, he met him in Zagreb with a few guys from Dura and Absurd.

“As in Croa­tia we know little or noth­ing about Rus­si­an skate scene, I invited them to Vladi­mir Film Fest­iv­al as it seemed a good oppor­tun­ity to start a new friend­ship. So, less than a year later, here they are com­ing back to Croa­tia, to unex­plored grounds of Istra!”

We are very hon­oured to be able to show Alexey’s work, in our inter­na­tion­al photo sec­tion of VFF 2016. He will be exhib­it­ing pho­tos made dur­ing the Balkan trip. You can check more of his work at his flickr pro­file.