Vladimir Film Festival

Absurd at the Azov Sea

Fažana / Brijuni / 30 / 9 / 2018 / Film

Dur­ing the recent trip, the Absurd team explored cit­ies around the Azov region and got full on Rus­si­an exper­i­ence mixed with very spe­cial loc­al vibes. Skate­board­ing by Gosha Kony­shev, Phil­ipp Kharel, Tro­fim Ovch­in­nikov and Pasha Kuznet­sov. Filmed and edited by Khud and Barabaka.

When Rus­si­an people men­tion vaca­tion time by the sea they usu­ally mean the Black Sea. It’s under­stand­able because all the major sea resorts, best Rus­si­an beaches and main sea ports are loc­ated on the Black Sea coast. But Rus­sia also has an access to an anoth­er south­ern sea called the Azov Sea. It’s way smal­ler, not as scen­ic as the Black Sea and its coast­line isn’t that well developed. The Sea of Azov is one of the smal­lest and the shal­low­est sea in the world.

Absurd at the Azov Sea will be screened at the Brijuni island on Sunday 30th, the last day of the fest­iv­al. Don’t for­get to reserve your boat ride tick­et here.