Vladimir Film Festival

Abkhazia on Brijuni Islands

Fažana / Brijuni / 24 / 9 / 2017 / Film


Abkhazia is a doc­u­ment­ary about a group of pas­sion­ate skate­boarders who come to ques­tion their own beha­vi­or and their rela­tion­ship to non-skaters, as they record their adven­ture into a former Soviet hol­i­day para­dise, that has since been rav­aged by a war of independence.

Writ­ten and dir­ec­ted by Vantte Lindevall, the film fea­tures Samu Karvon­en, Olli Ilmon­en, Miki Tähtin­en, Kir­ill Korob­kov, Gosha Kony­shev, Vic­tor Terentyev.

It is an enter­tain­ing travel journ­al and gives the lay­man an idea of ​​the skate video culture.

Sir­je Niitepõld