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A vis­it from Germany

16 / 08 / 2013 / Story

About a week ago we had a vis­it from Köln. A group of skaters who saw our blog (to our greatest sur­prise, because till the moment we did­n’t do any­thing to pro­mote it for real, it was still in the con­struc­tion), came to Fažana in search of our DIY spot. When we met acci­dent­ally on the streets of Pula, they already skated the spot. But there was still some­thing left to dis­cov­er, some­thing that’s not so easy to find.
The next day we took them to skate the secrets of Aus­tro-Hun­gari­an fort­resses. Des­pite the hot sum­mer noon sun and deadly snakes crawl­ing around the ruins, dis­turbed in their insol­a­tion, they came with fresh per­cep­tion and throw a good session.


Skater: Philip / Pho­tos by Nikola Racan