Ye Olde Destruction

For the last 7 years artist and filmmaker Thomas Campbell has been making a self funded skateboarding movie, mainly shot on 16mm film titled Ye Olde Destruction. The video comes with a solid grip of shredders building and skating DIY spots, some street action, pools, and other stuff.

It’s really about capturing sessions and the movement of the life and happenings in these situations.

Campbell has enlisted an A list team of lensmen to help him capture the motion picture scenarios and shreddings – French Fred, Jon Miner, Mike Manzoori and Connor Wyse among others. The film also embodies and unveils the inter web of a community, a community of outlaws nonetheless, but a community.

Featuring skaters: Evan Smith, Jon Dickson, Jason Adams, Rick Mccrank, Max Schaaf, Caswell Berry, Brent Atchley, Ellisa Steamer, Ray Barbee, Al Partanen, Omar Salazar, Jackson Pilz and many many more.

The film screening is supported with a live soundtrack playing at the spot by Sergej Vutuc, Nenad Sinkauz and Miodrag Gladović (Jomi Ajjomi).

We are enjoing this treat on Sunday 29th at the Brijuni island.

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