Keanu Robson’s Hawaiian Peel

Illustration by: Leo Macdonald Oulds

Here are a few words for the edit:

Four of us took a trip to Maui, Hawaii in 2016 with a loose idea to film and document our time there. Filmed on Video 8. Our camera got ran over fisheye forwards in the first week, luckily video 8 cameras are only around $50. Please enjoy the long lens footage we scraped together in the last couple weeks. Featuring Leo Macdonald Oulds, Reuben Cantere, Keanu Robson, Jacob Johnson, Zak Gold. Filmed and edited by Keanu Robson, a skateboarder, and artist aged 23 from Manchester.

That is what Keanu said about the film and we can add that he got a local nickname. From now on you can call him Keanu Reeves. Do that on Friday 28th in Fažana’s old square Piazza Grande.