Alexey Lapin at VFF 2016


Gosha Konyshev – Drop in, Podgorica

Alexey Lapin, a photographer from Moscow, deserves a special mention when speaking about the visitors from Russia. Marko (Zubak) first saw Alexey’s photos in Free Skate Mag #2: Russians hitting up the Balkans and than a year later, he met him in Zagreb with a few guys from Dura and Absurd.

“As in Croatia we know little or nothing about Russian skate scene, I invited them to Vladimir Film Festival as it seemed a good opportunity to start a new friendship. So, less than a year later, here they are coming back to Croatia, to unexplored grounds of Istra!”

We are very honoured to be able to show Alexey’s work, in our international photo section of VFF 2016. He will be exhibiting photos made during the Balkan trip. You can check more of his work at his flickr profile.

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