Taufek Asmarak

Taufek Asmarak, the founder of independent magazine Waxfeather, is bringing us Quit KL, a skate video from Kuala Lumpur by Tep York. At Vladimir Film Festival, Taufek is showing a photo exhibition documenting underground skate scene from Malaysia (Singapore) and Indonesia, made during the filming of the Quit KL video.

The exhibition and the screening are set for Friday, 22nd September at Caffe bar Stara Fažana from 19:00.

Connor Kammerer at Vladimir

Connor Kammerer is bringing along spots that are familiar to him for the public to interact within the form of 35mm slide projections. In a primitive, performative version of “photoshopping” themselves into pictures, guests are asked to document their perspectives on the displaced locations, creating skateboarding photos with a different relationship to space and time.

So on September 21st, Vladimir Day zero at the Brioni hotel in Fažana, come and check it out.

Nich Kunz setting up the darkroom

Our dear friend Nich Kunz is helping us a lot with this year’s Vladimir edition suggesting stuff for video and photo program and not to mention the solo exhibition with what he is going to take part of the official program in Kino Valli on Saturday, 23rd of September.

Other than that he is the main reason that we are hosting the exhibition Print exchange in Fažana with which we are opening the festival this year on Day Zero, Thursday 21st.

Then there is the merch he is helping us produce for the first time on Vladimir, but the most important thing, he helped us set up the darkroom and showed us how to use it, develop film and print darkroom prints. So a big thanks go to Nich! Thank you.

Island by Jim Craven

Jim Craven, a young author from Manchester, is here with us again after last year’s preview of what we today know as the Land video. With great pleasure we are watching his next installment named Island at National park Brijuni on Sunday 24th of September.

‘Island’ is an expansion on a project we embarked on last year, ‘Land’. This summer we have travelled the length of the UK, camping in the wild and skating unique and rural spots along the way. It stars Tom Day and Zach Riley, alongside friends we met along the way.

Jim Craven

Photo: Henry Kingsford

Push Partial World Tour 2

Zach Chamberlin in collaboration with Richard Hart is bringing us the sequel to Push Partial World Tour featuring Bobby Worrest, Roger Krebs, John Baragwanath, Ryan Barlow and Kevin Coakley visiting Antwerp and Lisbon.

We are happy to say that Vladimir will be the world premiere and that we have both Zach and Rich here to present the video on Saturday, September 23rd at the Cvajner gallery in Pula. In this occasion we are bringing you an interview with them done by Aymeric Nocus. Check it out here!

Kompa by Mihael Šandro

Mihael Šandro, a nineteen year old from Rijeka, currently living in Copenhagen, has been creating short video clips for the past few years, documenting croatian skate scene, mostly focusing on Rijeka’s scene in which he oft en participates.

In collaboration with Simple skateboards he created his first featured video Kompa (slang for buddy). Video is gathering all of the prominent skaters from the Croatian skateboarding scene, also featuring few a Slovenian skaters. Video was filmed for the past two years on locations in Croatia, Slovenia and Italy.

You can catch it on Friday, September 22nd at Caffe bar Stara Fažana.

Look left

Traffic skateboards is the most essential skateboarder-ran company with a core following and little, yet impactful, publicity for those in the know. It is a great pleasure to announce that the newest Trafic video Look Left is going to be part of this year’s Vladimir program. It features Kevin Coakley, Hiroki Muraoka, Brendan Carroll, Joe Yates, Rich Adler, Jimmy Mastrocola, Mark Wetzel, Chris Teta, Luke Malaney and George Hanuschak.

European premiere of the film will be held Friday 23rd at caffe bar Stara Fažana so be sure not to miss it!